Advance Critical Praise for ALL IN — THE POKER MOVIE

"All In — The Poker Movie is indeed the celebration of poker as everyman's is us. We are poker.
...Destined to emerge as a state-of-the-art overview of poker's place in society today.
...One of the most comprehensive collections of poker archive footage and film/TV references seen in such a history of the modern game.
...One should expect All In — The Poker Movie to be a tour de force...and on that note it succeeds quite well."

...All In — The Poker Movie could be the definitive factual overview of poker's place in society today."

"This documentary will be a great and factual overview about poker's standing in today's society."  

"Those who truly enjoy looking back into the past and to see where our present came from will enjoy much of what this movie has to offer."  
– Brian Cherry,

"This may be the first major film to take a shot at it...and succeed."  
– Jennifer Newell,

"If you play poker or a fan of poker or are interested in poker, you must see All In — The Poker is a terrific primer on poker and its history, culture, and place in the world. Go see it!"  
– World Series of Poker

"...the pic is stylishly composed, thoughtfully laid out and offers an effective dissection of one of the most unlikely cultural phenomena in decades..."  
– Steven Zeitchik


New York
New York, NY
Cinema Village
March 23 – March 30

Schenectedy, NY
Proctors Theater
March 24

Los Angeles, CA
Laemmle Monica
April 13 – April 20

Juneau, AK
Gold Town
Nickelodeon Theater
March 21 & 28

Denver, CO
Denver Film Center
March 30 - April 6th

Hartford, CT
Real Art Ways
March 23 – 25,
March 30 – April 1

New London, CT
Garde Arts Center
June 1

Stamford, CT
Avon Theater
March 6

Tampa, FL
Roosevelt 2.0
Dates TBD

Bloomington, IL
Galaxy 14
April 19

Champaign, IL
The Art Theater
March 30, April 3, April 5

Chicago, IL
Gene Siskel Film Center
April 23

O'Fallon, IL
O'Fallon Theater
April 19

Cedar Rapids, IA
Galaxy 16
April 19

Wichita, KS
Louise C Murdock Theatre
April 24th and April 26th

Paducah, KY
Maiden Allen Cinema
April 20 – 22

New Orleans, LA
Zeitgeist Arts Center
March 30 – April 3

Belfast, ME
Colonial Theater
April 19

Brunswick, ME
Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery
May 8-13

Portland, ME
Portland Museum of Art
March 30 – April 1

Arlington, MA
The Regent Theatre
April 5 and 12

Rochester, MN
Galaxy 14
April 19

Des Peres, MO
Des Peres 14
April 19

St. Louis, MO
Ronnies 20
April 19

Missouri (Cont).
St. Charles, MO
St Charles 18
April 19

Cape Girardeu, MO
Cape West 14
April 19

Scottsbluff, NE
Midwest Theater
Dates TBD

New Jersey
Egg Harbor, NJ
Frank Theatres
Towne Stadium 16
March 29

New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Guild Cinema
April 23 – 26

North Carolina
Charlotte, NC
The Light Factory
April 22

Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Museum of Art
April 6 & 7

Columbus, OH
Gateway Film Center
April 6 – 13

Tulsa, OK
Circle Cinema
April 20 – 27

Portland, OR
Clinton St Theater
April 6 – 13

Doylestown, PA
County & Ambler Theaters
April 19

Landsdowne, PA
Cinema 16:9
April 20 – 26

Rhode Island
Newport, RI
Jane Pickens Theater
& Event Center
April 18

Oak Cliff, TX
The Texas Theater
March 31

Bellingham, WA
Pickford Film Center
April 7 & 8